Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference: Impressions

Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference: Impressions

The Microsoft Press Conference has been anticipated, predicted, and discussed at great length and today it happened. A lot of games and features were discussed at the E3 press conference so let’s break it down and have a look at the meat and potatoes of it.

What was looked at during the press conference?

  • Modern Warfare 3:
  • Tomb Raider
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  • UFC Ultimate Champion
  • Gears 3
  • Ryse
  • Halo Combat evolved HD
  • Forza MotorSport 4
  • Fable: The Journey
  • MindCraft for Kinect
  • Disneyland Adventures
  • Star Wars Kinect
  • Sesame Street Once upon a Monster
  • Kinect Fun Labs
  • Kinect Sports Season Two
  • Dance Central 2
  • “dawn of a new trilogy” = Halo 4

So there we have it, Kinect in core games was the ultimate focus of today’s Kinect Conference…erm, Microsoft Conference. With the inclusion of kinect’s motion controls now being included in more of the adult, historically core, gaming titles is the kinect about to become an xbox staple or is Microsoft trying to bridge the gap between casual, family, and ‘hardcore’ gamers? Whatever the case is the inclusion of Kinect in more titles means great things for gaming and health consumers who like games that get them up off the couch.




The Expected

We knew we would see news about Dance Central 2 and after today’s presentation we now know that Dance Central 2 will have two new features. Dance Central 2 will not only allow you to import all of your Dance Central Songs into the game but will also utilize multiplayer dance in game. Demonstrated at the Microsoft Press Conference to the Usher tune “Falling in love again”, the new multiplayer dance option is multiplying the possibility of fun.


Star Wars Kinect was on the radar of many going into this conference. Questions surrounding implementation and graphical style loomed before the conference and while on the conference floor our very own GamerFitNation staff was spotted blogging that “The graphics look really stunning”. Now call me a skeptic because not only was I not concerned with how it looked via stream but I also was slightly concerned for the frantic movements of the player. It did not strike me as a fun experience. Using Kinect motion control you can use the powers of the force, your lightsaber, and jump to vault over enemies.


Forza Motorsport 4 is a welcome and anticipated announcement. As a fan of the racing genre in general I find it all too exciting when I learn that Turn 10 Studios is going to such great lengths to simulate the driving experience. The inclusion of kinect means that gamers will now have an interactive moveabout the car, to inspect car specs, and that driving subtleties such has head tilt and voice command will make the experience all the more convincing.

The Unexpected

Of course you finished Halo 3 in legendary mode and now you know just where the newly announced Halo4 will pick up. That’s right, Master Chief is awake and making an appearance at E3 2011. Fans of the franchise were also pleased to learn more about Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, which is going to include six multiplayer maps from the original Halo Combat Evolved plus a FireFight map and use of the reach engine to allow for matchmaking compatibility with classic modes.


The new Tomb Raider looks good! Yes, I am surprised. I wasn’t expecting to like the new Lara now did I believe that I would be as intrigued by yet another reboot of the series however today’s trailer looked good. Lara herself was let out a few too many screams during gameplay but aside from that the Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics 2012 Tomb Raider has rich graphics, intense action, and it looks like it has the potential to actually reboot the series in a new and exciting way.


After the lackluster reception to Fable3 one of the last things I expected to see from Lionhead at E3 this year was a new Fable title. A new Fable is exactly what we got. Fable The Journey is a Kinect title for the 360 and looks like it might be a very different Fable experience than we are used to. Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios says that Fable The Journey has “been in production for quite some time. What we’ve done is embrace kinect”. “Your main mode of transport is horse and carriage. While you’re traveling you’re going to be attacked, there is going to be things going on around you.” He told Geoff Keighly of “To me fable is the beautifully engaging and beautiful world that engages us all the time. Just imagine having magic in your hands. We wanted to think of a way of giving you real magic in your hands.”


So with a huge focus on motion control coming from Microsoft this morning I can’t help but wonder which direction the introducer of motion gaming, Nintendo will go with their new console. Rumors of a different type of interactivity have been flying but really only time will tell.

Be sure to check back at GamerFitNation as we continue to discuss all of the details of this, and other, press conference straight from E3 2011.










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