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Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live: A Rocking Interview

by Jen Galikon May 22, 2015
Gamers have not had the chance to rock out with friends in a new Guitar Hero title for quite a few years now. The once popular music game has been beginning to slip into obscurity, but a new entry in the franchise is likely to halt that slip immediately. Guitar Hero Live will be coming this […]
Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX May Ditch Backwards Compatibility

by Jen Galikon May 20, 2015
The loss of backwards compatibility is not a new concept to gamers around the world. We’ve seen it happen with both Sony and Microsoft’s home consoles, and now may be the time to see it happen to Nintendo NX. While there has not been much word from Nintendo since Nintendo NX was announced, it is […]

Helldivers Review (PS Vita)

by GeeLWon May 8, 2015
If you own a PlayStation 4, Vita, or PS3 you need a copy of Helldivers, stat. Arrowhead Studios’ spectacularly simple, yet complex, isometric squad-based shooter is one of those games that manages to be fun to play, frequently amusing, and always challenging. Although designed for co-op play and a near constant online connection thanks to […]
Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop: Big Games Coming Your Way

by Jen Galikon May 7, 2015
Nintendo eShop: New on Wii U Paper Mario Nintendo is bringing a Nintendo 64 classic back for fans of all ages to enjoy. In this RPG title, you must guide Mario and his team through various areas in order to reach and take on Bowser, who has stolen both Peach and the Star Rod. Locate […]

Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski talks Guitar Hero Live

Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski sure loves to spike footballs, probably just as much as he likes playing Guitar Hero Live. That’s right you heard it. It was recently announced that Guitar Hero is making a return to the music world with Guitar Hero Live. We got the chance to sit down and speak with […]