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Pokemon Snap on Wii U or 3DS Top Sequel Ideas

by on March 17, 2015

In 1999, Nintendo released a fun game on the Nintendo 64 known as Pokemon Snap. The game centered around the player taking pictures of many of the original 151 Pokemon for Professor Oak. The Professor graded the pictures on how well they were taken, if the Pokemon are posing in any way, and if the Pokemon are actually facing the player when the shot is taken. As more points are accumulated, Professor Oak gives the players new items to help them take better pictures, find hidden Pokemon, and even access new areas of the world. Even though the game can be purchased over the eShop for the Wii, fans are still craving more Pokemon Snap.

Lately there has been a lot of talk amongst fans hoping that Nintendo will make a new Pokemon Snap game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Given the camera systems in both games and the GamePad with the Wii U, this idea is very realistic and desireable. However, Nintendo representatives need a new idea before even thinking about making a new Pokemon Snap game. They want ideas on how to make it more appealing rather than just rehashing the old game with new Pokemon.

Pokemon SnapI can agree with them on that. With 721 Pokemon and an increasing amount of Mega Evolutions, simply taking photos for Professor Oak would get tiring rather fast. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company would have to come up with an interesting story to go along with the photo frenzy. Here are a few of my personal ideas and hopes for an upcoming Pokemon Snap 2.

Multiple Pokemon Snap Regions

The original Pokemon Snap restricted players to one island in which they could travel to different areas like the river, a cave, the volcano, etc. I think it would be amazing if players could travel to each of the six main regions and take pictures of Pokemon in their home areas. Keeping each set of Pokemon to the respective region they debuted in would help Nintendo break the Pokemon down into reasonable categories for gameplay.

Pokemon SnapIt shouldn’t necessarily be a full rendering of each region; that could take up too much space. But Nintendo could make areas in each region for Pokemon to be found in and base those areas off of locations in the main Pokemon games. For example, in the Kanto region players could go to the Rock Tunnel to find the majority of rock, ground, and fighting type Pokemon to take pictures of. The map system could be similar to the map from the original Pokemon Snap game in order to make travel between areas and regions faster. The game makers could use a similar point system or even a money-earning system in order to unlock new regions.

Make Money Instead of Earning Points

Why not use the quality of the Pokemon pictures to earn money rather than earn points? Money could be saved up and spent on new items, upgrades, and boat or plane tickets to new regions so more Pokemon can be photographed. It’s only a small change, but one that would make the game a bit more realistic and believable considering how the main series games are set up.

Give the Main Character a Story

Pokemon SnapWe didn’t really get much of a story in Pokemon Snap. Players just ran around taking pictures of Pokemon while occasionally unlocking or discovering a few secrets. It was fun, but with so many Pokemon and regions it would be beneficial for the game to have a bit of a story line. The story could be anything really. They could go a slightly cryptic route and say that the main character has some sort of terminal illness and wants to see every Pokemon before they die. They could say that the player wants to win some prestigious worldwide photograph competition. Or they could even do something along the lines of the player just wants to photograph Pokemon and make a living from that rather than battle. It would also be nice if players could customize their character.

The developers could even add in a bit of extra fun with the game and allow players to select a partner Pokemon at the beginning of the game that can help unlock secrets, keep the player company, and help the player take pictures. If that were added, then they could even implement criminal organizations that the player stumbles into. Nintendo could go a number of routes with that, from actually fighting the criminals with your singular partner Pokemon and your gear to stealthily taking photos to turn the villains in to the cops.

Pokemon Snap Needs Variety For Online Purposes

Pokemon SnapThe last massive thing I think a new Pokemon Snap would need is a ton of variety to make it good for online players to share and compete. In the first game, you could memorize exactly which Pokemon was where, what it would do, and how it would react to different items thrown at it. With the amount of sharing that could be done online, this would get old very fast.

The Pokemon that can be found in each area of the world should be universal, and the secrets and ways to find the legendary Pokemon should be the same as well. However, what each Pokemon does on each visit to the area should be different and random each time the player goes through. Even the legendary Pokemon should behave differently each time they are found. Doing this can make the game even bigger and make it a different experience for each person who plays the game. Not only that, but there would be different and unique pictures of each Pokemon for sharing over the online services on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon SnapI honestly think that if the right team gets together, a new Pokemon Snap game could be a highly successful experience for gamers. What would you want to see in a Pokemon Snap 2 game?

Updated: March 17th, 2015

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