Suggestion Sundays: Farmer’s Markets

On my way home today, I passed by the festival plaza and I saw the sign for Farmer’s Market. I have not been to our yet this summer, but I will go this week. I get excited over the smallest things. I love getting a great watermelon, wonderful green tomatoes, and Ruston peaches. That I all I need to be happy at the Farmer’s Market. I love seeing and meeting the people who raised the food I’m going to eat.

Last summer, there were some wonderful teacakes there. I hope there are more this year. So check the local papers or Google farmer’s market and find one near you. I love taking my kids to the market; they enjoy picking out their own fruit and veggies. They also tend to try new things when they pick it. This year I also want to try zucchini. Growing up, I hated veggies, but now that I am older, I enjoy trying new vegetables. I have no clue how I am going to cook the zucchini, but that will be another adventure for a different day. I’ll make sure I take pictures during this adventure. If you have an suggestions or recipes, send them to me.

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