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Under Armour Record App Explained

by Tamika Moultrieon January 23, 2015
Under Armour is now expanding efforts to make fitness a part of your lifestyle with Under Armour Record. The health and fitness network app helps individuals track, analyze and share fitness activities, but in a social network aspect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. GamerFitnation’s Arif S. Kinchen chats with Under Armour’s Director of Performance, Paul Winsper, on how the [&he...;

Crossfit Apparel Summer 2014 Guide

by Tamika Moultrieon May 22, 2014
Our Summer Crossfit Apparel 2014 Guide  All you hard trainers out there, you’ve decided to enter the realm of Crossfit this summer to shed pounds, gain strength, and to push yourself beyond limits, but what crossfit apparel should you get? GamerFitnation has you covered on the latest Crossfit apparel that is durable for the Summer […]

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Winter Running Gear to Shield You From Catching a Cold

by Tamika Moultrieon January 16, 2014
It’s getting cold and it’s time for your winter running gear Let’s face it, the majority of the nation is freezing and outside your doorstep probably reminds you of the snow area in Skyrim, but don’t let the sight of snow ruin your routine of going out on a great run in fear of catching a […]

Quality Running Gear for Beginners -#SiAlfredoRun

by Alfredoon January 3, 2014
Preparing for your first run can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, but before hitting the pavement you’ll need some basic running gear to get started, here’s what I recommend. Running Socks It’s like Lt. Dan from the movie Forrest Gump once said, “Try to keep your feet dry”. For runners the best […]


The Fit Gamer Girls Holiday Gift Guide

by Antwand Pearmanon December 24, 2013
Holiday Gifts That Will Get Your Gamer Girl Under The Mistletoe #5 Coffee and Tea Buy Coffee Here Name one gamer girl who doesn’t go to Starbucks or any local cafe to get their coffee or tea fix. -Pumpkin spice Price:  $6.80 - $11.80 /lb -Maple Bacon Smoked Coffee Buy Tea Here -Maple Bacon Chai […]